Leadership committee volunteers weekly at elementary school

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 10.10.38 AM.png

Senior Brayden Herrera reads a story with a student in teacher Jodie Black’s classroom at Rollan Melton Elementary School.

Story by Hannah West

As the new school year kicked off, so did new McQueen Leadership traditions. Starting this year, the N.A.S.C. committee McQueen’s Leadership class has been reading to Jodie Black’s kindergarten class every Thursday to help the students thrive in reading comprehension.

N.A.S.C., which stands for National Association of Student Councils, is one of the six committees of leadership and responsible for earning the Nevada Silver Star award at the end of the year. The award showcases what has been accomplished throughout the year, and is extremely important to those in N.A.S.C.

However, N.A.S.C. is the only committee able to go to Rollan Melton and read to Black’s class of kindergarteners. Allison Moore, the head leadership, offered this opportunity to the N.A.S.C. committee, and all members of the committee are hoping to impact the students lives in the biggest and most positive way possible.

“We got really lucky, maybe because we are all seniors, but Mrs. Moore just gave the opportunity to us, and we jumped at the idea,” senior Natalie Krieg said.

The committee members are gaining relationships with the students, and helping them as much as possible with growth in their reading comprehension skills.

“The most rewarding part of this experience is the sense of confidence each student builds while reading to us,” senior Andrew Sweet said. “Although they may not actually know what they are reading and simply remembering the sequence of words in the book, it’s delightful to see their eyes light up when finishing the books.”

N.A.S.C members are able to see how the students are growing and improving week by week, and seeing how much their help is affecting and offering the kids.

“The most rewarding part of this is just being able to interact with all the kids every week, and watching them grow as students throughout the year knowing you were able to have an impact on them,” senior Brayden Herrera said.

Although this opportunity is helping the kindergarten students immensely with different comprehension skills, it is also helping the N.A.S.C. members just as much as they establish new life skills as well.

“This experience demonstrates known essentials in life. An example of this would be patience and a willingness to help,” Sweet said. “Although it may not be a life altering event, the kids enlighten us sic committee members, just as much as we do to the twenty plus kindergarten students.”

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