Hangout Corner: The Basement is downtown’s underground gem for food and culture



Editor’s Note: Hangout Corner is a new series helping readers discover cool new hangouts in the Reno/Sparks area. This is the first installment.

The basement is cool again.

No, not your parents’ dingy, poorly lit and perhaps unfinished space below the house.

This is downtown’s newest underground marketspace.

The Basement, with a capital ‘B’, is an “unexpected experience of the senses located beneath the historic 1933 U.S. Post Office,” said Brianna Bullentini, the mastermind behind the new retail space and owner of Rawbry, a juice joint inside the building.

“This underground venue is a home away from home for those seeking the trendiest, tastiest, and most cutting edge concepts of a modern day marketplace,” Bullentini said.


Global Coffee is one of the many retailers located in The Basement

Among the vendors in the retail space are a coffee bar, salad bar, and juice bar, and the other businesses there are as varied as a fitness gym and art gallery.

“Our mission is to create a multi-use incubator space of both retail and food vendors who all celebrate the craft of the hand, creating an alternative collaborative culture in the downtown core of Reno,” Bullentini said.

Since its opening in January 2016, The Basement has welcomed a steady flow of new business and, Bullentini said, the space expects three new businesses to open in the near future. Of the new businesses, one is a succulent shop called Stem, one is a clothing brand boutique called Orenda, and the last is a photography studio that is yet to be named.

The Basement has a unique industrial feel about it with maps that look like construction blueprints, and exposed brick, pipes and steel along the ceiling and walls.

“[The Basement is so unique] because of the design aesthetic of the space, as well as the unexpected location of it,” Bullentini said. “ There is also an energy with all the stores under one roof that is unmatchable.”

Bullentini also said she thinks the mix of food, live music events, and places to work make The Basement a great hangout for high school students.
Below is a preview of The Basement’s various shops and restaurants. For more information and its hours, visit The Basement’s website.


RAWBRY is a cold pressed juice joint. The bottles sold consist of roughly three pounds of juice full of nutrients, minerals, and live enzymes.They squeeze 100% of the raw ingredients using a high pressure machine that only allows a minimum amount amount of air into the juice. The store is absolutely unique, with decorations and games, and a fireplace. It’s an overall friendly and inviting environment.

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-10-04-32-amTHE GALLERY

Along the hallway there are pieces of art lined up against the white walls. It makes you feel like you’re at an actual art gallery or art museum.


They sell straight and safety razors, brushes, mugs, and razor stands. They also sell beard/mustache/personal care, shaving/styling/hair products, as well as razor care. Beautiful Bearded Man takes appointments only. They have multiple styles of hair cuts and razor services.


This is a modern apothecary/urban sanctuary “crafting and dispensing all-natural skin and body care provisions to support healthy daily regimens”. They’re closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but open every day at 11 am and close at 7 pm, but 5 pm on Sundays. or (775) 357-8019


Ever heard of boxing or cycling in the dark? Neither have I, but that’s exactly what you can do here. Both rooms are dimly lit with intentional lighting and “heart-pounding music” to motivate you in your exercise. In boxing in the dark, you have a personalized heavy bag creating your space for focus, and each class incorporates a spectrum of interval training with shadow boxing.


They use real ingredients from around the world to create unique flavor combinations. They have flavors that range from “Himalayan Pink Salted Caramel” all the way to “Peruvian Golden Berry” to just plain and simple “Coconut”.


This is an organic salad bar. They do designer salads: tossed, chopped, or wrapped. Their menu prices range from $9.23-$13.90. Beverages are available.


This is a great place to get coffee. The drinks are reasonably priced. The menu consists of “The Originals,” “The Basics,” and additional add-ons. The drinks come in a to-go coffee cup that keep the coffee warm for quite a long time.


screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-10-06-57-amThey have clothes for all: men, women, children. Their items include beanies and snapbacks, bags and backpacks, tanks, summer wear, water bottles, and more. Their prices range from $15-$35.

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