Sports preview: Ski team has eye on state this season

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 12.40.19 PM

Freshman Ian Scoggin works on drills with the McQueen ski team recently at Mt. Rose.


McQueen ski team has begun practice on Mount Rose every Saturday to prepare for the racing season.

After a couple weeks of dry land practice, McQueen ski team is now on the slopes practicing turns, style, and building muscle.

Assistant coach, Dane Meier, said, “we do dryland to build up or core strength and our legs, and from there, we practice on Saturdays with set gates for solemn and giant solemn.”

There’s a lot of practice that goes into skiing, as does any sport.

Volunteer coach and teacher, Farrell Vaughn, said, “There’s a lot of factors that go into being a good ski racer, and that, for a lot of these people, that means getting off of their heels, and off their tails.”

Most of the skiers who come to McQueen ski team are recreational skiers, and haven’t grown up ski racing.

Mr. Vaughn said, “A lot of these people are park skiers and they’ve got wide skis.”

There are a lot of adjustments to make when transitioning from park to race skiing.

Mr. Vaughn said, “They need to start skiing like racers and getting forward, and better body position and being more aggressive rather than relaxed, and that just comes with training.”

Not only are they trying to turn park skiers into racers, but these early training days are also important to see how the team is going to be this year.

Mr. Meier said, “We have a really strong core for boys, who I think could make state, and our girls are also really strong, and I think as individuals they’ll make state this year.”

The team did not have anyone finish in the top 10 at state finals last year.

But, after a short break, the team will be looking to turn that around when racing starts in January.

Team member, freshman Ian Scoggin said, “I hope we can get to state. I’m hoping that my team will actually be able to race. I know that they can.”

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