McQueen’s girls ski team finishes fifth at state competition


Freshman Ian Scoggin skied in the state competition at Mount Rose Ski Tahoe two weeks ago.


At the state ski competition at Mount Rose Ski Tahoe, McQueen girls ski team placed fifth overall.

In individual competition, McQueen girls finished as high as sixth place and thirteenth for boys.

But, neither team members nor coaches were disappointed by the outcome. They already reached their goal for the season.

At the beginning of the season, coaches and team members felt the same: getting to state is the goal.

“I’m hoping we can get to state,” freshman Ian Scoggin said.

Coach Dane Meier thought the same thing.

“We have a really strong core for boys, who I think could really make state,” Meier said. “Our girls are also really strong, and I think as individuals, they will also make state this year.”

And that’s just what the team did.

Students Klee Kanangkul, Hailey Melrose, Morgan Ward, Nicole Swartz, Abbey Foster, Cobey Melrose, Ian Scoggin, and Owen Nolle all went to state on February 13 and 14.

“The girls placed 5th overall as a team. Boys did not make it as a team,” coach Graham Kirby said.

“I think that they did exceptionally well,” Scoggin said. “They were amazing”

The season ended with a barbecue, and the team will have their award ceremony later this year.

The placings were as follows:

Girls slalom

  • 6th Klee Kanangkul
  • 17th Hailey Melrose
  • 28th Morgan Ward
  • 36th Nicole Schwartz
  • 55th Abbey Foster

Girls giant slalom

  • 7th Klee Kanangkul
  • 19th Abbey Foster
  • 22nd Morgan Ward
  • 35th Nicole Schwartz

Boys slalom

  • 13th Coby Melrose
  • 31st Ian Scoggin
  • 38th Owen Nolle

Boys giant slalom

  • 13th Coby Melrose
  • Ian Scoggin
  • Owen Nolle


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