SafeVoice hotline, app make it easier for students to report campus concerns



This year McQueen High School implemented a new 24-hour tip taking and response system called SafeVoice.

SafeVoice is focused on school-safety and student well-being.

“We need to help spread the word.” Dr. Carissima Perkins, the teacher in charge of running SafeVoice at McQueen, said.

SafeVoice has also created a mobile app for students to download in case the students didn’t know the hotline.

Tips that are reported that need immediate intervention are sent directly to law enforcement for emergency response, whereas the tips that are not necessarily as urgent are sent to school officials that will attempt to solve the problem.

Ms. Hansen, another McQueen advocate, says, “We are really trying to encourage students to download the app.”

The role of students is to stand up and speak up for themselves, says the SafeVoice information website. Students can choose to remain anonymous or they can give personal information when reporting a problem/concern.

“We need to promote this system for students to have a safe place to report things,” Dr. Perkins said.

Students, parents, teachers, and community members are all able to use SafeVoice, according the information website.

“The new system has proven to save lives” Ms. Hansen said.

The use of SafeVoice was rapid and life saving. From January 1st, 2018 to July 17th, 2018, the system handled over 2550 reports, according to the SafeVoice website.

“Let me show you something important,” Ms. Hansen said as she pulled out a McQueen High School ID. “All the SafeVoice information is on the back of every McQueen High School ID, and the students don’t even know what it is for.”

The back of the student IDs have all the information one will need in the event of an emergency, a safety concern, or just a general school complaint.

The SafeVoice hotline is 1-833-216-7233

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