Profile: Meet some of the actors behind Greek Mythology Olympiaganza, which opens tonight


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Opening tonight in the McQueen Little Theater, the advanced and intermediate drama classes begin a four-day run of Greek Mythology Olympiaganza. The show is a comedic retelling of famous Greek myths.

Showtimes are 7 p.m. from Dec. 5 – 7. There are two shows on Saturday, Dec. 8 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

With the show opening this week, here’s an opportunity to meet some of the actors.

Aleyce Carthen

CarthenAleyce Carthen is a junior at McQueen high school. She will be playing the narrator and Titan.

Aleyce is looking forward to working with the new cast and being around new actors that have joined her intermediate drama class.

She said Drama is important to her both in and outside of school. Being in drama helped her be able to speak in front of classes and have conversations with people she had never met. While it’s difficult to balance her time among drama, homework and extracurriculars, she said she loves the work. An example is that she loves drama and cheer and finding a way to do both was easy; all she had to do was to talk with her coach and the director of the play, Mrs. Cann.  As far as the show is concerned, one challenge she faces is memorizing all the strange Greek names and terms.

Aleyce’s advice for incoming actors is to be open minded when auditioning for a role. A lot of actors are banking for one part while there are so many other parts that could suit you better.  Another piece of advice she has is she recommends you take the time drama shows take up into consideration. Some people aren’t fit for this time crunch.

“If your willing to put yourself out there, join drama,” Carthen said. “The more the merrier.”

Andrew Lish

sammytoby-46Andrew Lish, 17, is a senior at McQueen High school. Lish will be playing the roles of Bob, first man, Titans, Orpheus, Hermes and others in this year’s first drama production, “Greek Mythology Olympiaganza”.

In order to prepare for these roles he thought about the characters he wanted to portray, practiced lines, and practiced “going big” with his physical performance.

“Its all about the preparation, you need to prepare” Andrews said. “Performing is easy compared to auditioning.”

Lish’s previous experience included the lead role of Tony in last year’s musical West Side Story – a 1950s interpretation of Shakespeare tragedy “Romeo and Juliet.”

The thing Andrew is most looking forward to during the process of putting the play together is having fun. Although Andrew is involved in other things like drum majoring, jazz choir, and band; balancing it all along with his social life will be challenging, he said.

He, along with other cast members, spent more than 100 hours rehearsing – not including what they practiced at home on their own. But, Lish said he didn’t mind.

“Your actions turn into habits, your habits define your character, and your character, is who you are,” Lish said.

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