Final performance of Our Town tonight

Cameron Smith was getting into character backstage, while people filled into the theater. Early 1900s music played in the background. As the noise of theater goers began to compete with the music, Smith never lost his cool.

Then, the house lights went down, Smith walked onto stage and delivered the opening lines:

“This play is called Our Town.”

Our Town follows the lives of George Gibbs and Emily Webb, played by Andrew Lish and Athziri Mendoza, in the town of Grovers Corners, New Hampshire. Narrated by stage manger, Cameron Smith.

Smith brings the audience through each Act of George and Emily’s lives. Opening up with daily life and ending with death and eternity.

“We get to experience the spark that starts off the unconditional love of George and Emily,” Mendoza stated.

All ages are welcomed to come to Our Town. It is a universal show, covering themes of love, family, coming of age, and, ultimately, death.

“Our Town’s message is meant to make you appreciate your life. Anyone could need a reminder to do so.” Mendoza says.

People who have seen Our Town know that it hints at many life morals you should know; such as appreciation for the smallest things in life.

“I want people to recognize all parts of their life, good and bad. I want them to become active participants and take the pen to the story of their lives.” Smith said.

There are tickets still available for the remaining shows tonight and tomorrow at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at

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